What’s In A Name?

Apparently a lot! Although I don’t have plans to change my name any time soon, I recently experienced “name change trauma” with my sons’ band —Happy Accidents!

My boys began playing music seriously before they could speak (well that’s at least true for my youngest who was born deaf and Autistic). Both come from a long line of classically trained cellists and violinists and so naturally mine gravitated to drums and electric guitar! Their early instructors encouraged them to learn “more sensible” instruments like piano and flute (which is a bit like telling a kid to choose fruit cake instead of tiered chocolate). Fortunately my sons were persistent—they knew what they loved and so several thousands of dollars and hours later, both abandoned “sensible” and bonded through rock, punk and metal.

Guerilla Party

As they jammed and composed music together, I playfully referred to their sessions as “Happy Accidents.” Sadly, four years later they lost the trademark. Maybe it was time for a change—after all they acquired a terrifically talented bass player, a pure gem of a band manager and just finished their first national tour. Meet Guerrilla Party!

Guerilla Party

Want to check out Guerilla Party? You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Want to listen to the music my boys have created under their previous name, Happy Accidents? Listen on: Reverbnation, CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Pandora.
They’re heading back to the studio VERY soon and will be releasing brand new music under their new name. Stay tuned….