The Last Chicago Boss – A True Murder Podcast

As many of my fans may already know, last October I spoke with Dan Zupansky on True Murder podcast about the chilling case of Gary Triano. A few weeks later, Dan reached out again and said fans enjoyed our show and wanted to hear more! On this episode, we talked all about the Chicago Outlaws motorcycle club, the “gamification” of being in a biker gang and my latest book, The Last Chicago Boss.

Although biker gangs usually aren’t considered “traditional” true crime, Dan was interested and open to discussing the cases involved with undercover investigations involving large biker gang infiltrations and the mentality behind these organizations. You’ve likely heard stories about the most dangerous motorcycle gangs involved in murder, extortion, and mob-mentality criminal activity, so it was great to be able to share some of those insights with True Murder listeners.

Thanks again for having me on the show, Dan!

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