True Crime Writing Course & Workshop

True Crimes Writing Course

Join me for engaging, informative and interactive true crime writing course, where you’ll learn:
– how to find an agent
– how to craft a book proposal that sells
– how to conduct interviews (and the best people to ask for them)
– how to establish credibility as an author + build your platform
– if ghostwriting is right for you
– plus many more tried-and-true, actionable steps to help you succeed with true crime writing
Download the workshop overview here.

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The Advanced Master class is now Available

Want to know what it means to “do time for the crime?” Join me for an engaging, informative, and advanced writing workshop where you’ll learn not only “What” to write about, but “How” and most importantly, “Why.” In these sessions, you’ll learn about the craft (structure), the career (speaking and victim impact) and, the all-encompassing “ripple effect” (trauma) of writing true crime.

The introductory price for this worksop is only $99.99 Just click “Buy Now” below, and you’ll be sent a password to access all 8 videos.

“Important! Upon completion of your payment you must click the link in Paypal to receive your password for access to the course.”

Both Courses Available for $149.00
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I’m so glad that I found Kerrie Droban’s True Crime Writing Workshop and True Crime Advanced Writing Workshop courses. As a retired Criminal Investigator who has written countless criminal investigative reports during her career, I thought, What can she teach me that I don’t already know? Well, I soon discovered that there was much more to learn when writing true crime for public consumption. The True Crime genre is multifaceted, and Kerrie will help you navigate through the legal landmines of the publishing world. She’ll show you how to turn your writing ideas into reality and beyond. The courses gave me confidence, and motivated me to post my first blog about the true crime story I’ve been working on for years. Most importantly, Kerrie reminds you of the ethics and humanity needed to write a true crime story—while telling about the worst day of peoples’ lives and why you’re fit to tell it. —Donna H.

I am in love with your True Crime workshops! They are inspiring me not only to commit to writing, but showing me HOW to develop better writing habits. This course is valuable not only for writers in the True Crime genre, but for all writers, in my opinion! Highly recommend for anyone looking for the real scoop on how to develop a writing career. Kerrie tells her story with lots of examples and tips and handouts to help you get started.. and to keep going.Not for the faint of heart! She tells it like it is! – Madeline H.K.

This has been extremely helpful and has provided the inspiration that I needed to continue! Your ‘been there, done that’ experience combined with your legal background helped answer many of my questions and put the process into a better perspective. I love the format and informal delivery style. It made me feel as though I was sitting across from you in a one-on-one individual discussion. This provided a relaxed, less stressful and much more productive atmosphere. – Mike B.