The Kerrie Droban Award for Writing Excellence

Union College, where I received my Bachelor’s in English and minor in French initially accepted me as a transfer student from Emerson College where I studied theater and playwriting. Upon entrance to Union College, I was placed on a “probationary status” because I had not taken the requisite coursework or exams for admittance and the Dean had reservations whether I was academically prepared for the rigors of Union.

I promised the College would not regret its decision. Three years later, after excelling in the college’s theater program and participating in a term abroad to Rennes, France, I radically switched paths and decided, in my final semester, to seriously study Poetry.

As every Senior did, I attended Union College’s annual “Prize Day” fully expecting to cheer and applaud my colleagues’ accomplishments. Never did I expect to be the recipient. That day changed my life and gave me the confidence to pursue writing as a profession. I wanted to give that same inspiration to other aspiring writers.

Congratulations, Liza Wolf, my first recipient of the “Kerrie Droban Award for Writing Excellence.”

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