Recently I had the pleasure of speaking on the Crime Bites podcast, hosted by criminologist Professor Elizabeth Yardley.

In this show, get some insights on what we really know about biker clubs, what makes them so intriguing to outsiders, and how biker clubs have changed throughout history. Plus, learn what it’s like to work closely with criminals and how it affects you after.

Tune in to the hour-long podcast below:



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This week I spoke with Dan Zupansky, host of True Murder Podcast, where we discussed the case behind one of my earlier books, A Socialite Scorned.

In this podcast, we discuss the case of Gary Triano, a millionaire real estate developer from Tucson, Arizona who was killed in Tucson by a pipe bomb explosion.

His ex-wife, Pamela Anne Phillips, a model, real estate agent and socialite, was charged with orchestrating her ex-husband’s death. In a sensational trial nearly 18 years after Triano’s murder, Phillips was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder and was sentenced to life in prison. Phillips, who is now incarcerated, claims that Triano’s death was a mob revenge killing. This case was touted as one of the most complicated, difficult investigations of our time, garnering media attention precisely because of its “story behind the story” of greed and power.

Listen below!

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Once again I had the pleasure of speaking with Burl Barer on his podcast, True Crime Uncensored. This happened to be my fourth (or maybe fifth?) time chatting with the True Crime Uncensored crew, and it never disappoints.

Listen in as we discuss some facts about myself, Big Pete and the very interesting process of writing his story.

And for those of you who’ve heard some of our previous shows, you may remember a certain question Burl always asks first… click play below to listen!

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