The Last Chicago Boss Launch Party

Thank you to all who ventured out on a Tuesday night to support me and the release of The Last Chicago Boss! I was incredibly honored to be invited to speak at Changing Hands Bookstore. I felt like I’d been invited to the CBGB Club in New York where so many legendary bands got their first start (and break)!

Though I’ve been writing true crime for ten years, The Last Chicago Boss was by far my most challenging project–not easy to write about “The Godfather” of the Chicago Outlaws! As I mentioned to the audience, this is the third time in a row my books have been released on a Tuesday! Maybe Tuesdays are my good luck charm.

It was a wonderful event, and the first few questions surprised me. “Do I still write poetry?”, “What do I dream about?” “What do I think about the gang problem in Phoenix?” and “Is there any topic you won’t touch?” If you want to know the answers to some of these questions.. stay tuned for my next Q&A!

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