The Last Chicago Boss Featured in Penthouse Magazine

Pete knew that one day he’d be a big part of the Chicago Outlaws.

Each decision he made throughout his young adult life was carefully calculated to benefit his eventual place in the Outlaws inner circle. And even as an outsider, he knew that there were better ways to run the club.

I always wanted to be an Outlaw. In 1995 when I first came on the scene, the Outlaws were doing everything they could to take on the Hells Angels. A lot of them went to prison. A lot of them are doing life, and the Angels are still here. I understood why they did that, but I looked at it and said I can’t do the same thing. It wasn’t working.

Penthouse writer Seth Ferranti takes a deeper look inside the Chicago Outlaws motorcycle club before Big Pete was their leader many years ago.

Read the interview here.

Penthouse’s Review of The Last Chicago Boss:

A riveting and gripping account that details what life in the Outlaws was like and chronicles his rise through the ranks of the infamous club to become a modern day Godfather in biker culture.

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