Kerrie’s Recommendations: Best True Crime Books

See my list of best true crime books below! [Excerpts and summaries pulled from respective links.] 1. Sleepers by by Lorenzo Carcaterra The true story of a group of four boys brought up in New York’s notorious Mafia-run Hell’s Kitchen during the 1960s. After nearly causing a man’s death, they were sent to a reformatory … Read more

The Witness

A Family Secret Last year I discovered something extraordinary, a family secret that blew me away. I started to watch James Solomon’s fascinating documentary called The Witness about the 1964 Kitty Genovese murder case and the so-called “38 residents of Kew Gardens in Queens, NY who were pilloried in the press for their apparent indifference” … Read more

The Twisted Truth

Interviewing “Big Pete” For two years I interviewed The Last Chicago Boss; we spoke every Sunday morning for nearly three hours. Inexplicably, the recording always stopped at 2 hours and 59 minutes. He was dying and I was like his Priest in Confessional, listening intently, offering him prompts, marveling at his plot twists and character … Read more

The Medallion Story

Little Known Fact True crime would not have been my first genre choice; after all, I began as a poet but even my early writings were rife with violence and, if I’m being honest, somewhat autobiographical. Little known fact, I lived a double life as a child (born to undercover operatives) and later, as an … Read more

All 14 True Crime Cases in one post for Valentine’s Day

My (Unlucky) Valentine… First, some notable facts: One in 25 people is a sociopath. Only 20 percent of male and female prison inmates are sociopaths, although they are probably responsible for about half of all serious crimes committed. Most sociopaths are not incarcerated. In fact, the silent majority live freely, anonymously, holding down jobs, getting … Read more

What’s In A Name?

Apparently a lot! Although I don’t have plans to change my name any time soon, I recently experienced “name change trauma” with my sons’ band —Happy Accidents! My boys began playing music seriously before they could speak (well that’s at least true for my youngest who was born deaf and Autistic). Both come from a … Read more

Courtroom Humor

As I prepare for trial in a couple of weeks (and realize my client will be in absentia) I fleetingly consider whether I should design a cardboard version of her, or drag in a mannequin to place in her chair…. thought I’d share some funny courtroom dialogue with you: Q: Doctor, before you performed the … Read more

Why Pigs Fly

I was born to be a writer. I loved words from the time I could speak and form sentences. I loved their beat, power and transformative qualities. On my seventh birthday I asked for a typewriter, wanting to simplify and “clean up” the pages and pages of prose that littered my bedroom. Stories burst from … Read more

Behind The Scenes: Gangland Undercover

In July, 2014, I drove out to Gillespie Dam in blazing heat to the set of Gangland Undercover to watch my book, VAGOS, MONGOLS & OUTLAWS: MY INFILTRATIONS INTO AMERICA’S DEADLIEST BIKER GANGS, magically transform into a dramatic six part television series to air on the History Channel. As I pulled into the dusty, deserted parking … Read more

“Fun” Facts About Sociopaths

1. The list of professions that attract the most psychopaths police officers, lawyers, and surgeons. Number one: “CEO.” 2. Humans can detect 10 types of smells, such as “fruity,” “chemical,” “popcorn,” and “decayed.” While most people don’t have any trouble making out the “pungent” aroma of blue cheese or the “woody” scent of freshly cut … Read more