The Vault: Spirited Away

What happened to your son? It’s a fair question. The “what” of a tragic “Event” is always morbidly fascinating to the Listener, but retelling the story somehow leaves me cannibalized. Mere words only compartmentalize the pain, make it palatable and unbearably Normal …for the Listener. And in the end, the Story I tell is not … Read more

The Vault: The Gift

He comes to me sometimes in my dreams, whole, the way he was as a child with his wide, mischief grin and brings me a circular box wrapped in socks. The gift card, written in sloppy orange crayon reads: “I am fragile, handle with care.” Wind picks up; the box is light, too light, as … Read more

The Vault: Learning to Meditate

Ann Rice wrote about Vampires, monsters condemned to darkness, immortal creatures with strangely human qualities, beset with loneliness. Her fictional demons came to life following the tragic death of her daughter when she “looked around and realized [she] was nobody and nothing. [She] wasn’t even a mother anymore.” Her Vampires personified grief, beasts forced to … Read more

The Vault: Safe House

“Safe House” in CIA speak means refuge for defectors “coming in from the cold.” Spies, criminals, “hostiles” and people in danger of being exposed surrender inside to their new Normal, a world so quietly foreign. They begin again, anonymous. They seal the door and become Anyone, anyone but who they really are. There is great … Read more

The Vault: I’m Still Here

Excerpts from The Vault: I’m Still Here One morning as I drive to work I catch my reflection in the rearview mirror; a face stares back at me but I don’t recognize me, the light behind her skin has burnt her to coals. Could I have changed so much in just a few months? Will … Read more