The Vault: Trauma

Trauma is a special kind of insanity as each day the mind (dis)members what remains and reconstructs a “New Normal.” In the months following the loss of my son I continued working as a trial lawyer; incredulous that I now lived a story so foreign to my former life. I wrote other people’s stories; told … Read more

The Vault: Part 1

It’s nearly impossible to write about this which is why I’ve placed it in The Vault, [My Vault] a large underground chamber [of secrets] used for storage. It’s where I keep my darkest pain. But This—the loss of my son, I can’t keep there anymore. He was too beautiful a soul; he deserves to be … Read more

The Last Chicago Boss – A True Murder Podcast

As many of my fans may already know, last October I spoke with Dan Zupansky on True Murder podcast about the chilling case of Gary Triano. A few weeks later, Dan reached out again and said fans enjoyed our show and wanted to hear more! On this episode, we talked all about the Chicago Outlaws … Read more