Once again I had the pleasure of speaking with Burl Barer on his podcast, True Crime Uncensored. This happened to be my fourth (or maybe fifth?) time chatting with the True Crime Uncensored crew, and it never disappoints.

Listen in as we discuss some facts about myself, Big Pete and the very interesting process of writing his story.

And for those of you who’ve heard some of our previous shows, you may remember a certain question Burl always asks first… click play below to listen!

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Thank you to all who ventured out on a Tuesday night to support me and the release of The Last Chicago Boss! I was incredibly honored to be invited to speak at Changing Hands Bookstore. I felt like I’d been invited to the CBGB Club in New York where so many legendary bands got their first start (and break)!

Though I’ve been writing true crime for ten years, The Last Chicago Boss was by far my most challenging project–not easy to write about “The Godfather” of the Chicago Outlaws! As I mentioned to the audience, this is the third time in a row my books have been released on a Tuesday! Maybe Tuesdays are my good luck charm.

It was a wonderful event, and the first few questions surprised me. “Do I still write poetry?”, “What do I dream about?” “What do I think about the gang problem in Phoenix?” and “Is there any topic you won’t touch?” If you want to know the answers to some of these questions.. stay tuned for my next Q&A!



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Many teenagers are content playing video games or guitar, but even at that age Big Pete was searching for a thrill. His story began in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, where he grew up often playing “games” such as Risk & Go while questioning his role in society. As Pete shares in his tell-all interview with Fond du Lac Reporter Sarah Razner,

I was a member of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club, but I was an outlaw long before that. I started in my junior, senior year of high school saying that I’m not going to follow this.

Big Pete shares some of the stories behind his roots before he was a leader of one of the largest motorcycle clubs in the United States.

Read the full interview on Fond du Lac Reporter here.

And if you want the full story of Big Pete, well, you’ll have to read The Last Chicago Boss.



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