15 Chilling True Crime Podcasts

There’s something so spectacular about a great true crime podcast, which is why a new one seems to pop up almost every day. Just like a great book, each podcast has its own very unique angle and tone that make it memorable. Below is a list of some of my personal favorite true crime podcasts, in no particular order. I’ll admit that I’ve been accumulating this list for a while and I likely haven’t heard of some of the newer ones yet, so feel free to drop a line in the comments if there’s one I’m missing.

Happy listening, true crime fanatics.

1. Criminal
2. Someone Who Knows Something
3. Unsolved
4. Generation Why
5. True Murder
6. Actual Innocence
7. True Crime Garage
8. Missing
9. Twisted
10. Detective
11. The Mind of a Murderer
12. True Crime Uncensored with Burl Barer
13. CrimeFeed
15. 48 Hours

Have you listened to any of these true crime podcasts? What are your favorites?

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